February 23, 2011

Cinema Imax


In this blog, Melon District proposes you a guide of the top 10 tourist attractions in Barcelona. This is the number 8.

The cinema Imax of Barcelona was constructed in 1995. This cinema has 3 projection systems: IMAX® with flat screen of 600 m2, OMNIMAX® with a dome of 900 m2 and 30 meters of diameter, and IMAX 3D® in three dimensions, which is considered as the system in three dimensions more perfect of the history. With a capacity of 438 seats, the cinema Imax allows “living” the movies as if you were there.

Website: www.imaxportvell.com
Adress: Port Vell Barcelona, Moll d’ Espanya
Entrance: 7,70 Euros

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Do not miss in the next days the number 8: The Picasso Museum.

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