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Newsletter 5 · Winter 2013
    Melon District as part of "the next European Renaissance"

    The Class of 2020

    For those who don’t know them yet, The Class of 2020, it’s a growing community of professionals dedicated to the growth and improvement of student housing and higher education in Europe and beyond.

    Last month, all the partners and leading players of the industry got together at the Annual Conference named “The Next European Renaissance" proposing that higher education and student housing can be the economic driver for the next European renaissance. With a wonderful group of passionate experts, entrepreneurs, academics, educators and investors they explored the trends that shape higher education, student housing, campus design, urban policy and international student mobility and travel. Focusing on the opportunities in different European markets and discussing them in a global context.

    The last conference was lead for a few experts and stakeholders, such as Melon District Director and new partner of The Class of 2020, Fabien Mollet-Viéville, who listened all day long to the audience to understand where the challenges are and create with them an agenda about the opportunities for the coming year. The expert panel consisted of:

    Fabien Mollet-Viéville: Melon District - Student Residence Hall.
    Giel van Wijk: Development Manager Real Estate, SyntusAchmea Real Estate & Finance.
    Xavier Jongen: Fund Director Bouwfonds European. Residential Funds, Bouwfonds Investment Management.
    JulianoAntunes: Managing Director Uliving Brazil.
    Patricia Martínez: President Association of College and University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-i).
    Cristina García-Peri: Managing Director Azora Capital
    Frank Uffen: co-founder The Class of 2020 / Partnership director The Student Hotel.

    Innovation and courage are needed from all disciplines involved to break down barriers and create the conditions necessary to revive our knowledge economies and generate a true second Renaissance.

    Barcelona Fiddle Congress

    Strings, sounds and students.

    Melon District is where all the young students are and that is why it was a sponsor of the first Barcelona Fiddle Congress, an initiative organized by the ESMUC (Superior School of Music of Catalonia) and held on 15, 16 and 17th November.

    The event was a meeting point for professionals, interpreters, pedagogues, musicologists and fans in general, to share and discuss their knowledge and experiences relating to bowed strings (violin, viola, cello and bass) of non classical tradition such as jazz, contemporary music, folk and traditional music.

    International artists like Hanneke Cassel and Mike Block led most of the concerts and activities such as the Fiddle Meeting, which actually closed with a flourish in this first congress. Clearly it will have a long awaited sequel.

    International students choose Barcelona

    The rankings confirm it: Barcelona is at the top of the list for its life quality and academic excellence.

    According to Idescat, the public and private Catalan universities have had a total of 7,753 international students during 2012, coming from an exchange program.

    This figure is increasing year after year; but why do they choose Barcelona?

    There are many aspects that can make a student and their families choose a destination for their studies. For instance, the Erasmus students often chooses the University based on the quality of the city life. While the students who will pursue a degree, a master’s degree and especially a PhD, they will look for the quality of the university, their professors, rankings, etc... 

    Definitely we will find Barcelona in the International Ranking of the most attractive cities and  best universities cities.
    Here there are two articles published this year whose content would be very interesting for the industry professionals. The first one talks about the main destinations chosen by the students to complete their training experience, and the second on the outstanding careers in the Spanish market:

    SEA TURTLE (Sea Turtle Index) - The Bank of Communications of China & The Economist group.

    The index ranks 80 cities (Barcelona in the top 30), chosen from those which bring together the 300 best universities in the QS World University Rankings by 24 indicators, divided into five categories, which measure the educational potential returns, financial and real estate related income and employment and social experiences.

    THE 50 CAREERS – El Mundo

    In the publication of “THE 50 CAREERS” in the Spanish newspaper “EL MUNDO”, there are rated the best universities to study the most demanded Grades by students. In total, it shows 50 degrees and the five most suitable campuses for attending to study it. The top ten is dominated again by the universities of Madrid and Barcelona, and only the University of Navarra and the “Politécnica de Valencia” have managed to break into the Top Ten.