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University Partners

Universities and schools

As it provides a service complementary to education aimed at both the national and international markets, TSH Campus has links with a number of different organisations. As such, it has established partnerships with various universities, colleges and language schools, as well as companies (to accommodate students carrying out internships and work placements).

These links and partnerships will be added to The Sudent Hotel´s list of partners.

116x98.jpg Academia Guiu

Academia Guiu has spent over 125 years dedicated to academic training (since 1892). At the moment, they are leaders in Barcelona in preparation for the university entrance exams (selectivity)


In this long adventure, different actions have been carried out with students of very diverse ages and levels, from high school to university students and adult education.

They offer differentiated courses for students who have completed the baccalaureate in Catalonia, for students older than 25 or 45 years studying for the entrance exam, and for students who have completed their baccalaureate studies in different countries of the world.

In addition, they have an ´Á la Carte´service, school and university reinforcement, where the student (or their parents or guardians) can choose the schedule, the calendar, the subjects .... and they design a cutomized plan to successfully overcome the student’s difficulties. To give an integral service to their students, they have started new projects in teaching and certification of Spanish and English language with CAPMAN, which enables them to prepare and organize the TOEIC tests, to obtain the English level certificate, from the A1 level up to C1.

Also, they teach Spanish as a Foreign Language, of all levels where in a short time their students can, from acquiring a minimum knowledge of the language, prepare to obtain the DELE certification from the Cervantes Institute.


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116x98.jpg Barcelona Code School

Barcelona Code School helps people to fulfil their dreams through learning how to code.

They have been teaching programming since 2015 and their courses range from WordPress classes to JavaScript Bootcamps that have either full-time in person or part-time online option.

Other than that, school offers corporate training, private workshops and one-off programming classes for those who need to keep their coding skills up-to-date.

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116x98.jpg TEAMLABS/

TEAMLABS/  is a campus of entrepreneurship and innovation in Barcelona where takes place LEINN, the official bachelor’s degree in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation certified by the University of Mondragón. 

LEINN  is the only official degree for entrepreneurs that exists in Spain, and the only one that has implemented a methodology from Finland based on: learn by doing, team entrepreneurship, and international learning trips (Europe, USA, China and India).

In TEAMLABS/ there aren’t students but rather entrepreneurs, and from the first year they start a real company, design and develop real products and services, work with clients, and have to invoice and make a profit in order to pass the year, among other objectives.

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116x98.jpg EADImoda

Private school with 25 years of experience in Fashion Design, Patronage and Confection.


116x98.jpg HTL International

HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages is located in the main center of Barcelona. Offers Bachelor and Master degrees for students all over the world. The main language of instruction is English. All study programs include the compulsory Spanish for Foreigners module and the internship in national and international companies.

116x98.jpg UPC - Tech Talent Center

The Tech Talent Center was created for technology-related training and innovation activities. It is a space for exchanging knowledge and experiences that has been set up through the participation, enthusiasm, creativity and talent of all those who make up the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development.
It has modern audiovisual equipment and resources to support teaching, and twenty classrooms and learning areas with a total capacity of over 500 people. 


116x98.jpg N&M Intercâmbios

N&M Intercâmbios is an exchange programs agent located in São Paulo, Brazil that connects Brazilian students to the best universities and education providers abroad.
Tel: +5511 55313611

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116x98.jpg L’Idem Barcelona

For twenty years , L’Idem form international professional futures graphic design and 2D / 3D animation and video games , accompanying and guiding learning both technical skills and the development of artistic skills.


L’Idem is also an international school. With a double in Perpignan and Barcelona campus students, if they wish, they can study part of their degree in Spain and elsewhere in France and benefiting from international curriculum. An international approach reinforced by the possibility of making practices in Europe and a double European and French qualifications .

L’Idem Barcelona
Carrer Ciutat de Granada, 53-57
08005 Barcelona
Tlf. 93 485 45 50



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116x98.jpg Barcelona Academy of Art

The Barcelona Academy of Art opened in September 2013 and aims at teaching drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art using a full curriculum and teaching methods derived from classical-realist tradition. Its methodology originated in the Renaissance and was revived by the major academic Ateliers of the late nineteenth century.


In the Barcelona Academy of Art we consider the classic academic approach not as an end but as a tool that students can use to build their own personality and artistic language.

The training program at the Barcelona Academy of Art offers regular courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art, which are complemented by workshops, seminars and special courses (Easter and Summer). These provide students with an intensive learning of methods, procedures and techniques from the best professional artists.


Barcelona Academy of Art
Maria Auxiliadora, 9
08017 Barcelona
Departamento Internacional
Laure Michelet / Aina Ferrer Clotas

T. +34 687 28 18 80 / T. +34 648 69 12 09


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116x98.jpg FX Animation

FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D School is one of Europe’s top schools specialising in the different areas of 3D and Compositing, endorsed by the most important software companies worldwide: LightWave 3D Group, Autodesk, Next Limit, Sidefx, Solid Angle, Pixologic and The Foundry.rtístico.


116x98.jpg Escuela Internacional de Protocolo – Campus CIES

EIP, formed by a network of offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Asturias, La Coruña, Buenos Aires and Paraguay has become the world’s first training center specializing in Protocol, Institutional Relations and Event Management.

Más de 15.000 alumnos han pasado por sus diferentes aulas. De ellos, el 60% ocupan hoy puestos de dirección en departamentos de protocolo. Un porcentaje realmente importante que pone de manifiesto la creciente actividad en este sector, el empuje profesional que tiene, la cada vez mayor demanda empresarial e institucional y el futuro tan interesante que ofrece.

Además, es la organizadora de los principales eventos internacionales de Protocolo:
-Congreso Internacional de Protocolo
-Premio Internacional de Protocolo

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116x98.jpg CMH - IEMI

CMH - Eurpean Centre of International Hotel Management - and the IEMI - European Institute of International Management - join forces to offer the best of their expertise of 40 years, training young professionals, managers and leaders of hotel establishments and international luxury brands.

CMH: Recognized expertise in the field of hospitality, leisure, luxury, and communication.
IEMI: International recognition in the business world.
It offers the excellence of 2 Business Schools and multi-skills in international management strategy.

52, rue Saint Lazare 75009 Paris
Tel : +33 (0)1 45 26 59 28

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116x98.jpg EDC Paris Business School

The EDC is the oldest private business school in France. It is among the best business schools of the country for postgraduate and master studies. The teaching philosophy of this school has base in entrepreneurship.

Its aim is to give young students the opportunity to become their own bosses and develop a mentality of a businessperson who is responsible, creative and sensitive, regardless of the type of business in which they work.

70 Galerie des Damiers 92415 Courbevoie - La Defense, París
Phone number: (+33) 1 46 93 02 70


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116x98.jpg ESCE École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur

ESCE is one of the schools with the best reputation of the Leonard Da Vinci La Défense University. It has over 43 years of experience in higher education and has recognition among the big Postgraduate and business schools because of its international dimension and the quality of its programs.

They offer Postgraduate, MBA and double degree programs. The headquarters is located in Paris, but also has campuses in Mexico, Tokyo and Lyon. They promote cultural diversity and international environment, so it is mandatory doing an exchange or internship in foreign countries.

10 Rue Sextius Michel 75015, Paris
Phone number: (+33) 1 84 14 02 98


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116x98.jpg ESPI

For 43 years, the ESPI group (College of Real Estate Professions) has emerged as one of the largest schools in real estate, permanently adapting his teachings to the expectations and needs of the sector in collaboration with the companies.

. Training, skills development, and integration in professional environment are just some of the issues on which the group works continuously.

20-22 rue du Théâtre 75015 Paris
01 45 67 20 82

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116x98.jpg ESRA

With over thirty years of experience, ESRA is one of the greatest and most famous Film Schools in France. Thanks to a substantial alumni network working in production, script, staging, and other features in the film industry, ESRA owns a big significance that facilitates professional integration.

ESRA is currently open up to the international context and conveys the students, after earning their degree, to spend one year in New York performing an internship in Cinema or in Sound activities to discover the city in all its dimensions.

135 Avenue Felix Faure 75015 Paris, France
+33 1 44 25 25 25



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116x98.jpg ETS - Ecole Europenne

Training students according to the needs of the labour market, such is the priority of the ETS. Since its creation, the school offers training courses, giving their students real opportunities. It specializes in tertiary functions such as: communication, management, computer, sales, Bank, tourism, real estate, human resources and marketing.

The contents of training change every year in order to be in line with the professional requirements of each sector. Students have the opportunity after their Bac + 2 and Bac + 3 to continue their studies at the ETS or to join the labour market with a recognized diploma.
Today, the ETS is a member of the IPF group, which was founded in 1936, and brings together 3 colleges (ETS, IRIS, EPH) and nearly 2,000 students.

63 Rue ampère, 75017 Paris
Tel : 01 44 29 23 60

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116x98.jpg Fleurimon

All the professional training programs of Jean-Pierre FLEURIMON are organized in a prestigious area in Paris, in the heart of district 16: at "Trocadero" metro station, overlooking the Eiffel Tower...

Professional make-up training Jean-Pierre FLEURIMON bears the name of school, because a true teaching is provided. It is legally opened with the permission of National Education.
Each room has a podium equipped like a TV studio for morning demonstrations, with live broadcast on a giant screen in "high definition."

5 Rue Decamps
Tel : 01 42 61 29 15

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116x98.jpg Grenoble Business School

For 30 years, Grenoble Ecole de Management figures prominently in the landscape of French and international Big Business and Management Schools.

By its capacity for innovation and continuous improvement of its intellectual contribution, this institution seeks to promote the expertise of Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and responsible business practices.

Its international activities are designed to meet the recruitment needs of businesses, train all talents, promote faculty development and provide a multicultural dimension to its students.

70 Rue du Ranelagh, 75016 Paris
Tel : 01 75 00 00 75

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With more than 50 years of experience in management and administration field, IPAG Business School is one of the oldest business schools. Located in the center of the famous Boulevard Saint Germain, the school is surrounded by good places to enjoy student life: restaurants, libraries, historic monuments.

IPAG BS currently owns 120 partner universities, giving the students several possibilities to choose where they want to do their foreign year. 

116x98.jpg ISC Paris

ISC is a private, nonprofit institution, dedicated to promote excellence in the teaching of general and specialized management skills. This school teaches its students the entrepreneurial skills in the context of a quality education combined with the company’s student activities, international experience and enterprise training.

ISC offers master programs of high quality and, due to its strong commitment to international education, it is mandatory for all students to obtain international experience.

22 Boulevard du Fort de Vaux, 75017 Paris
Phone number: (+33) 1 40 53 99 99


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116x98.jpg Novancia

Novancia is a school focused on training young professionals into the new generation of Business Development Directors with double experience, both in entrepreneurship and trade. The school aims to guide their students toward career success.

Novancia is ideal for those with a marked taste for action and commitment, as well as the impulse to gain new experiences and open up to the world, having the ability to create social, environmental and ethical values.

3 Rue Armand Moisant, 75015 Paris
Phone number: (+33) 1 55 65 56 00


Novancia is ideal for those with a marked taste for action and commitment, as well as the impulse to gain new experiences and open up to the world, having the ability to create social, environmental and ethical values.

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116x98.jpg Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci

Ideally situated in the heart of La Défense business district, the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci unites more than 3500 students within its four schools: the Graduate School of Engineering (ESILV), the Management School (EMLV), the Institute of Internet & Multimedia (IIM) and the School of Developers (DEVSCHOOL).

The schools at the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci have developed a transversal pedagogical approach which blends the different specialisations, allowing students to work in multidisciplinary teams (managers, engineers, designers), whilst progressing in their studies and gaining digital knowledge. This organisation which is supported by a multi-school incubator, leads to the possibility of double degrees in entrepreneurship, finance and digital marketing.


The campus has a great atmosphere of cultural and intellectual diversity; it is a combination of modern technology with traditional corridors and classrooms, as well as having lots of common areas dedicated not only to study, but also leisure and entertainment.

12 Avenue Léonard de Vinci, 92400 Courbevoie, Paris
Phone number: (+33) 1 41 16 70 00


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116x98.jpg UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

The UPF is committed to the values of public institutions. It is an urban university that is steeped in the activity and energy of the city of Barcelona, with its doors open to the world.

Its fundamental objectives are to nurture responsible professionals and citizens committed to civic values, and to contribute to the advancement of research, technology transfer and innovation as the drivers of social progress in the 21st century.

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116x98.jpg UB (Universitat de Barcelona)

The University of Barcelona is the top public university in Catalonia, with the largest number of students and the most extensive, well-rounded range of courses. 

It is also the leading university research centre in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, both in terms of the number of research programmes it offers and the excellence attained in this field.

Intimately tied up with the history of Barcelona and Catalonia, the UB combines the values of tradition with a commitment to innovation and excellence in terms of teaching. Like Barcelona itself, it is urban, open-minded and cosmopolitan.

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116x98.jpg Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

The UAB is a leading university providing quality education that is diversified, multidisciplinary and flexible, tailored to the needs of society and the new European knowledge models.

Its pledge is to satisfy the educational demands of people at different stages of their lives.

It offers diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, engineering diplomas and postgraduate courses in all disciplines.

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116x98.jpg Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)

With 7 faculties and a host of university and professional colleges, the Universitat Ramon Llull is one of the most innovative, pioneering universities in Spain.

El éxito de la URL radica en una formación de calidad que da respuesta a las actuales necesidades de la sociedad.

Los grupos de trabajo reducidos, la relación estrecha entre alumnos y profesorado, y el dominio de las nuevas tecnologías, conforman la metodología propia de esta universidad, que entiende la internacionalización como un aspecto clave de la formación de los profesionales del futuro.

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116x98.jpg Bau, Escola Superior de Disseny

Bau is a university college offering higher education courses in design. Its mission is to produce designers able to understand the social, cultural and economic changes that make design a strategic value for addressing the needs

of today’s society.

Bau, Escola Superior de Disseny is located in the 22@, Barcelona’s innovation and design district, and offers undergraduate, Masters and postgraduate courses in various disciplines related to graphic design, audiovisual technologies, interior design and fashion. It also offers other programmes like the "Bau Night" Design Diplomas in graphic design and interior design and the Summer University, as well as a broad variety of specialised single-subject courses.

Altogether close to 1000 students attend one of the various programmes at the school, creating a dynamic atmosphere founded on constant exchange.

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116x98.jpg ISM - ESIC Business & Marketing School

ISM - ESIC is considered one of the top 4 business schools in Spain, and the top school specialised in marketing.

It has been teaching courses in marketing, communication, sales and business management for over 40 years.

Recognised nationally and internationally, it is accredited by the likes of EMBA Council and is a member of AEEDE, EFMD and AACSB, amongst other organisations.

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116x98.jpg ESCI (School of International Trade)

ESCI was founded on the initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya (the Catalan regional government) and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

The School of International Trade was established in Barcelona in 1993, with the objective of training experts in international business, thereby responding to the increasing demand for directors at Spanish companies embarking on internationalisation. Prior to its creation, there was no other university programme on the market that met this growing business demand.

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116x98.jpg EU Business School

EU Business School is one of the most recognized business schools in the world, for the excellence and quality of its students and faculty.  

It provides BBA and MBA courses of the highest quality, all in English, and has an extensive network of campuses in different countries.

EU has 4 campuses in Europe and a multitude of affiliations in different countries around the world, its students come from more than 95 countries.

c/ Ganduxer 70, 08021, Barcelona
Phone number: (+34) 93 201 81 71


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116x98.jpg ESERP Business School

ESERP is a prestigious institution with a proven track record on the national and international stage. It is officially authorised to provide university-level education.

ESERP has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. It offers its own university degree programmes and official qualifications through the most prestigious national and international universities and business schools to which it has links, as well as MBA and Masters degrees.

ESERP provides quality education and content, based on constant research and development of theoretical and empirical analyses of the current business reality.

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116x98.jpg EADA

EADA is a Barcelona-based independent executive development centre with international recognition, as shown by the EQUIS and AMBA quality accreditations it has obtained.

EADA offers a range of Masters programmes, including Executive Masters, Specialised Masters and International Masters, in various areas of management: general management, marketing, human resources, finance and operations.

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116x98.jpg IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)

The Instituto Europeo de Diseño (IED) has been operating in the training and research sector in connection with all facets and disciplines of design and communication since 1996.

These include graphic, digital, virtual, fashion, industrial and interior design, plus marketing and advertising.


The school has become a national and international benchmark for design teaching. It is a major observatory for trends and research founded on a project-based culture, offering students the opportunity to carry out numerous projects with companies.

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116x98.jpg United International Business Schools (UIBS)

United International Business Schools (UIBS) is a private, independent and accredited institution of higher education that has campuses in Europe and Asia.

UIBS offers flexible management and business management programs at Undergraduate / Bachelor / BBA, Graduate / Master / MBA and Postgraduate / Doctor / DBA levels.
Our global community of students, teachers and staff is made up of more than 85 nationalities, something that students appreciate for the cultural diversity and entrepreneurial initiative that this brings.

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116x98.jpg ESEC (Toulouse Business School in Barcelona)

At ESEC you will learn something essential: the ability to adapt to an increasingly multicultural and ever-changing world.

This ability will give you sufficient confidence to always be efficient and prepared to perform and lead the operations of the organisations you join.

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116x98.jpg Elisava

ELISAVA is the pioneering design school in Spain.

Affiliated to the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), it offers undergraduate,

Masters, postgraduate and continuing education courses in the fields of design, technical architecture and technical engineering for industrial design, all geared towards addressing demand for professionals in emerging markets.

It also offers vocational programmes in design. All of its programmes are distinguished by their quality and distinctive character that have cemented its reputation both locally and internationally.

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116x98.jpg Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School is a leading Swiss Business school with an international approach, dedicated to prepare world changing leaders.


The programs that Geneva Business School offers meet this century’s challenge of globalization and complexity. They are designed with the most innovative educational concepts and taught by an international Faculty, all recognized in their respective domains.

Business Administration International Relations & Diplomacy Digital MarketingEntrepreneurshipSport Management - Finance

c/Pelai, 42
08001 Barcelona,
Tel: +34 93 481 65 06

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116x98.jpg ESBL-European School of Business & Language

ESBL, European School of Business & Language is a British business school with a Barcelona campus.

It is accredited as an examination centre for business studies by the University of Cambridge CIE, attached to the British Council. It is also a fully accredited examination centre for Trinity College London, and the newest and only fully accredited centre for completing British postgraduate courses in Spain, through the NCC.

It is fully accredited for teaching towards and scheduling University of Cambridge IDB exams at standard and advanced level. It offers NCC-approved postgraduate business courses for students interested in gaining a qualification (MBA and MSc) from one of three highly respected British universities. These include a core curriculum of 120 credits.

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116x98.jpg Mediterrani University School of Tourism

The Mediterrani University School of Tourism has been working for more than two decades to help people like you become successful tourism professionals (DOG 910 of 4 November 1987).

It has been affiliated with the University of Girona since 1996 and has been authorised to teach an official degree in Tourism (Royal Decree 1438, BOE 232 of 28 September 1999).

Mediterrani offers you the best education in the tourism sector in Barcelona.

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116x98.jpg ESCAC (Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia)

The training opportunities at ESCAC are designed so that each student can choose their own path. 

These range from beginners’ courses offering an introduction to the audiovisual industry to constantly evolving Masters and postgraduate courses, as well as four-year undergraduate degrees. All with top teachers who are active professionals and facilities that are more than equipped to host even the most demanding exercises. And, above all, the opportunity to have direct contact with the professional world thanks to the role played by the film producer associated with the school.

The teaching content and set-up of the curriculum are based on a joint theoretical and practical vision of the students’ education, always bearing in mind that they aim is to provide them with the most useful knowledge and practical experience for their future career in any and all of the areas encompassed by the audiovisual sector.

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116x98.jpg EAE Business School

Founded in 1962, EAE has extensive experience teaching MBA courses, continually adapting them to current needs and combining academic learning and a thoroughly practical approach. This allows it to offers the participants in

its programmes a well-rounded education, bringing them closer to the social, economic and business reality in each specific course.

Thanks to the organisation’s members’ work and constant drive for improvement, EAE was the first business school in Spain to receive and retain the ISO 9001 International Quality Certificate.

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116x98.jpg ETSEIB (Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering)

Barcelona’s Industrial School was created in 1851 as a result of the merger of the science and technology faculties that had been created by the board of trade in 1769.

It is the only continually running industrial school left in Spain.

In 1873 the school relocated to the old university building in Plaça Universitat, and in 1927 it moved into part of the former Can Batlló factory, on Carrer Urgell. Finally, in 1964 it moved to its present site on Avinguda Diagonal.

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116x98.jpg Seeway

Seeway offers 100% practical programs in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Animation, Post Production, Programming and Web Design.

Assigned to the San Jorge University, Seeway has specialized training programs and Postgraduate Masters of 40 ECTS in:

- Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
- Motion Graphics Design
- Graphic Design and Art Direction
- Art Direction and Graphic Project Management
- Ecommerce and E-Commerce Platforms

is committed with the professionalization of the students and that is why, all the professors of the school are all active professionals in their sectors of competence and the practical methodology they use is completely focused on "learning by doing".

In addition it has job placement opportunities with a large portfolio of enterprises.

Carrer Pau Claris, 115, 08009, Barcelona
phone +34 93 487 42 27

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116x98.jpg Brother Barcelona

Brother, the school of creatives Latin America has just moved to Barcelona. The chosen place is Palo Alto, a creative place in Poblenou where the famous studio designer and artist, the photographer Jordi Bernardo, the renowned

architect Alex Gasca and Jaume the multifaceted creative collective of Laiguana work all together.

Brother is here to provide a unique and innovative working and learning method, created by world-class professionals who have gone through the school. A method already proven in the other school headquarters: Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Santo Domingo, Montevideo, Caracas, Mexico and Guayaquil.

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116x98.jpg Complot Escuela de Creativos

Complot is a school for creatives run by creatives. It was founded in 2005 by two Argentinian creative directors, Yvonne Gindre and Dan Peisajovich, who revolutionised the Spanish education industry,since as that point no other 

school existed that specialised in advertising creativity which could guarantee every student that they would leave with a portfolio full of high-quality, creative works produced under the supervision of professionals.

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116x98.jpg Barcelona Medical Association (Col•legi Oficial de Metges)

The Col•legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona (Barcelona Medical Association) is a public professional corporation founded in 1894 which aims to defend the collective interests of the medical profession and improve healthcare

in society.

In recent years the Col•legi has diversified into the following areas: civil liability, legal, tax and labour advice, and economic services including insurance brokerage, amongst others..

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116x98.jpg Fundación ESAME

ESAME is an international institution dedicated to training and communication in the medical-pharmaceutical field with a global focus and an enterprising outlook.

It has over 300 teachers who currently teach students in Masters programs and executives through its DAF-Functional Area Management programs.

As of today, the Fundación ESAME is the only institution focused on all areas of the medical sciences and specialised in developing medical and pharmaceutical professionals for the pharmaceutical industry.

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116x98.jpg CETUC (Centre d’Estudis Tècnics Universitaris del Clot)

CETUC (Centre d’Estudis Tècnics Universitaris del Clot) is the leading official private adult education centre in Barcelona, authorised by the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Education to teach the

Graduado Escolar (Basic Education Certificate). Over the course of time it has earned significant recognition for its work preparing over-25s for university entrance examinations.

It was also the first university entrance preparation college to combine classroom-based learning with a VIRTUAL CAMPUS which allows students to follow most of the courses taught.

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116x98.jpg Bes La Salle

BES La Salle represents a new type of school offering innovative, comprehensive programmes in management, engineering, architecture and business.

It provides practical, innovative training whose contents and methodologies harness the latest technology in business innovation and a distinctly international outlook.

Rigour and a distinctive approach are the hallmarks of the education provided at the university, which boasts over 300 years of history, more than 70 university centres on 5 continents and a professorship made up of nationally and internationally renowned active professionals and academics.

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116x98.jpg ESMUC (Catalan College of Music)

The Catalan College of Music (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) is a higher education institution with a commitment to public service.

Conceiving music as a multidisciplinary phenomenon, it seeks to serve as a driving force within the Catalan musical and cultural scene.

The school opened its doors in Barcelona in 2001. Now, with over 700 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 28 countries, ESMUC provides an inspirational environment in which to grow as a musician. It is also becoming an international benchmark for its teaching excellencea.

It is the only official public school in Catalonia offering the Bachelor of Music, as part of the new restructuring of artistic education and its insertion within the European Higher Education Area.

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116x98.jpg ISEP - Higher Institute of Psychological Studies

ISEP is an institution specialized in the training and the clinical intervention of psychological, educational and health fields.

It is the first and only european private institution of its kind which is dedicated to both teaching and intervention.

For over 25 years, ISEP has become an institution with the highest number of awards from professional and official organizations. ISEP has trained over 20,000 professionals of up to 27 different countries and has offices in different Spanish cities.

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116x98.jpg IQS

The mission of IQS is to provide well-rounded education covering all business and human aspects.

IQS provides highly practical training that will enable you to perform from the very first day you set foot in the business world.

We believe that the dual technical and economic focus presented to our students in the spheres of business and industry is fundamental with a view to the nature of the business world in which they wish to work. Other highlights at the IQS are:

- The international profile of its teaching and research activities.
- The prestige of its alumni association.
- Ongoing education through specialised courses.
- The research and technical services contracts the school carries out, which allows it to remain in touch with the needs of the business world.
- The moral and economic support received from the Fundación Empresas IQS, made up of more than a hundred national and international companies that are leaders in their respective sectors.

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116x98.jpg Turisme Sant Ignasi

TSI-Turisme Sant Ignasi is a university centre affiliated with the Universitat Ramon Llull, promoted by the Fundación Esade and the Compañía de Jesús, whose mission is to encourage teaching, research and the 

dissemination of knowledge in the fields of hotel and tourism business management.

Its main mission is to at once nurture people in scientific, social and human terms, in order to produce competent professionals who are aware of their responsibility, so as to aid a humanised development of tourism within a context of intercultural dialogue.

It is a young university that is open to the active participation of its students through a culture of dialogue and responsibility, a spirit of self-improvement and an interest in social transformation, within the framework of intercultural coexistence that fosters their personal and professional development.

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116x98.jpg Blanquerna

Blanquerna is one of the founding institutions behind the Universitat Ramon Llull. With over sixty years of history, it has trained several generations of top professionals. 

Its three faculties constitute a unique educational environment combining tailored work, professional immersion and the cultivation of a Christian humanist tradition. Its courses seek to address students’ educational and specialisation while catering for demands in emerging professional sectors.

Its three faculties comprise: The Faculty of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Sport; the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, and the Faculty of Communication.

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116x98.jpg Borja Bioethics Institute

The Borja Bioethics Institute was established in 1976. 

After spending 8 years attached to the Catalan Faculty of Theology, became

a private foundation in 1984, joining the Generalit de Catalunya’s Registry of Foundation as number 125.

It has been a university institute since 2000, when it was incorporated into the Universitat Ramon Llull.

It is one of Europe’s pioneering bioethics centres, with 30 years of teaching and research experience in this discipline.

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116x98.jpg School of Design and Art (ESDAP)

ESDAP, Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Arts Plàstiques (School of Design and Art) is a public art college offering courses in the field of design within the first cycle in line with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

The school is based in seven centres affiliated with art and design schools run by the Generalitat de Cataluña.
It offers EHEA-approved diplomas in:

- Graphic design
- Interior design
- Fashion design
- Product design

These programs are structured like undergraduate degrees and include the European Diploma Supplement (EDS).



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116x98.jpg FDMODA (School of Design and Fashion)

Founded in 1928, the Felicidad Duce School of Design and Fashion is proud to help forge a new generation of professionals in the fashion sector every year through an innovative creative, cutting-edge teaching methodology

and thanks to its teaching staff and team that is versed in the market and the latest trends and technical advances.

Over the years, it has created a valuable educational and human project reflected in the recognition afforded to the professionals who have studied at the school, who are renowned for their excellence, integrity and open-mindedness.

Students in the school’s undergraduate and Masters programs complement their education through placements at companies and exchange programs as per the Erasmus Charter.

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116x98.jpg Instituto Internacional de Marketing

IIMN (International Institute of Marketing) is a member of the Group 3C, a group of companies specializing in online marketing and digital marketing pioneers.

It was born in 1999 after finding out a serious educational deficiencies in the ​​marketing area and the new technologies.

The IIMN offers training programs in Digital Marketing, Social Strategist and Community Manager, Master in SEM, Web Analytics, and many more ...

C/Comte d’Urgell 143 Planta 5ª 08036 Barcelona
Teléfono: +34 93 159 33 73

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116x98.jpg Bande à Part

Bande à Part is a Film School founded by practising professionals from all areas of film making, with a teaching experience of over 18 years.

Teachers at Bande à Part have direct contact with the professional world and know very well what you need to train in the different film disciplines and to get a job in the field.

Their students are present in Film and TV productions as Directors, Camera Operators, Screenwriters, Directors of Photography, Production Managers, Editors, Sound technicians, Machine Operators, Art Directors, Props Masters, Assistant Directors and Lighting Technicians among others.

Their teaching proposal is the result of the many hours dedicated to their students and their profession, hands on, during years of shootings and classes.

Bande à Part orients your training as film maker and enhances your talent through the study of the art of cinema, through learning the techniques, through hands on practice with the tools and through shooting experience.

Bande à Part A School that teaches Film Thinking.

C/ París, 143. Local. 08036 Barcelona
Teléfono: +34 93 444 76 78

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116x98.jpg Language 4 all

Language 4 all is an academy specialising in English, French, Chinese, German and Spanish courses in Barcelona.

It offers weekly and intensive courses, as well as private classes for foreigners who want to learn Spanish or any of the above languages.
The centre also runs Catalan classes for foreigners, camps abroad, business classes and classes to prepare students for official exams, as well as itself being an authorised examination centre for Cambridge exams for children up to 12 years old. It can cater for MEC grant holders.

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116x98.jpg Berlitz

Berlitz Eixample is situated right on the bustling Avinguda Diagonal, between Calle Bailén and Passeig de Sant Joan.

This location aims to make it highly accessible, with extra-spacious, comfortable and welcoming facilities where Berlitz works with the same passion for teaching that its founders began with, based on the following saying:: Loqui loquendi discitur ("you learn to talk by talking").

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