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TSH Campus Marina

What our students say

After their stay at TSH Campus Marina, our residents tell us about their best experiences and why they recommend staying with us. Check out the videos and hear them speak them for themselves or read the various comments they've left us over the years. If you're a former resident and you still haven't left us a comment, you can do it here.

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Zachary Caplette, USA -
A great location for students and my favourite place to meet new people. Great experience in Barcelona.
Viktoria Sule, -
Location of the residence, friendly and helpful service at the front desk(Patricia),international atmosphere.
Veronica Olmos, México -
The attitude and friendliness of the people who work here is the best!
Stefania Piludu, Italy -
Great place to start life in Barcelona.
Sherri Kriegel, USA -
Melon made my time in Barcelona enjoyable
Louis Sandin, -
Very good team in front desk, nice ambience and atmosphere
Sallyng Rosso, Italy -
The atmosphere that was created with everyone in my floor.
Sabela Astray, Spain -
A great experience
Nikolai Efremov, Russia -
Very nice place to live while studying
Natalia Llull, Balearic Islands, Spain -
The atmosphere with the other residents, the family and friendship you create
Nadezda Shiryaeva, Russia -
I really liked this place to stay, safe and nice
Montserrat Rodriguez, Chile -
Met great people and had excellent service from Melon staff, who made ​​me feel at home (Beatrice, Edgar and Aleix)
Miguel Novillo, -
My experience was great and i would stay at Melon again because it is close to everything
Michiel Helfrich, USA -
Easy check-in, everything taken care off.
Michelle Voigt, USA -
Melon was a place to come home to and a place where the residents become your extended family.
Michael Egnor, USA -
Friendly staff, clear spaces and modern family
Mia Makipaa, -
Go there if you need assistance in living
Mavi Bauza Lago, Balearic Islands, Spain -
It was a very good experience, I felt at home
Mary Cate Catton, USA -
Made my abroad experience.
Maite Guillem, Spain -
Ressident assistant, activities, swimming pool
Lauren Weinberg, USA -
Melon was a great place to meet people from all over the world while abroad. I recommend it to anyone.
Lucy Goldberg, USA -
Melon was a great place to stay in bcn! The staff are amazing!
Kathleen Gutierrez, México -
Excellent student accommodation, you should know it , I fully recommend it.
Katharina Gross, Germany -
I enjoyed the events organized by Melon.
Jordà Salla, Spain -
The atmosphere, my resident assistant
Jeroen Broers, Netherlands -
Really nice residence and rooms. Liked the study but "love" the new friends that i have made here.
Iria Fariñas, Madrid, Spain -
I take a great memory of Melon District both for all the people I’ve met and for the warmth with which they had treated me. Thank you all for everything!
Guillem Alvarez, Spain -
After two years in Melon I feel very comfortable and I recommend the residence to other friends who are coming to study in Barcelona.
Gamze Hazel Kaymak, -
I loved the terrace, the social atmosphere, and good security.
Gabriel Yanoff, USA -
Patricia Rubio was fantastic and very helpful and friendly.
Elina Avrakh, Russia -
If you want to get a great experience go to melon district marina
Dina Kamel, Egypt -
Friendly staff and excellent service and cleanliness.
David Aguilo Seguí, Balearic Islands, Spain -
The friendliness of the receptionists, the good relationship between the residents and the people I’ve met.
Claudia Wagenaar, Netherlands -
To live together with people from all overt the world and the swimming pool of the roof.
Cassandra Fakhri, Chile -
Loved it would never stay anywhere else. Highly recommended.
Beatriz Pereira, -
Having privacy and at the same time knowing that it is possible sharing with more people if you feel alone.
Ariadna Martinez Ibánez, Spain -
The first year of University is hard when you’re not from Barcelona, but Melon District makes it much more enjoyable. Facilities and staff are excellent.
Alia Eteiba, Egypt -
I enjoyed every bit of my stay. I felt at home :)
Alexa Pastrana, Philippines -
It was a good 5 months! Met a lot of lifetime friends
Morgan Sharrio, Massachusetts - 09/12/2012
Melon has provided me with a clean, efficient and safe place to stay while studying abroad for 4 months.
Domenica Jimenez, Ecuador - 19/12/2012
The comfort, the cleanliness, the service, the people and especially the place, I loved it!
Nicola Mcinnes, Scotland - 16/12/2012
I liked the friendly reception staff and the activities that were organized.
Kimberly Clifton, USA - 07/12/2012
Having my own bathroom and the cooking workshops were the things I like the most of living in Melon.
Kathryn Taylor, Conneticut, EEUU - 10/12/2012
I liked having my own space but being surrounded by other students.
Michaela Campbell, USA - 03/12/2012
I really enjoyed the hall I lived on. The kitchen was always clean and my floormates were amazing.
Patricio Fuentes, Guanajuato, Mex - 31/12/2012
It’s the perfect place to stay during a semester in Barcelona.
Tomas Dominguez, - 22/12/2012
Incredible experience!
Angelo Bizjak, Chile - 12/12/2012
Live the Melon experience in Barcelona!
Sthepanie Schmitt, Ohio ,USA - 12/12/2012
It was very clean and comfortable.
Maja Decker, Rhode Island, EEUU - 15/12/2012
Great way to meet international and local students.
Natasha Bedoya-Koss, Massachusetts - 13/12/2012
It was fun, I felt safe all the time and I loved the beautiful view from the roof. Furthermore I liked having my privacy but also a fun common room.
Kayla Fedorowicz, Massachusetts - 03/12/2012
Great security, nice room and fine location.
David Schwarz, Stuttgart, Germany - 16/12/2012
I had a pleasant stay, the people is amazing, I would definetly recommend it.
Allison Ayala, New York - 07/12/2012
I love Melon District and the family i made here!
Christian de los Santos Rodriguez, San Juan, Puerto Rico - 07/12/2012
What i liked the most of Melon District were the good friends i made here because they will be forever.
Evan Shaver, USA - 05/12/2012
Had a great time! The friends I met here are ones of the best I have now.
Leslie Finn, Conneticut - 09/12/2012
Melon was "a place to live" - had an amazing semester here.
Derek Twomey, California - 04/12/2012
Good experience, I made great friends.
Toni Ramis Mestre, - 06/12/2012
Melon is the best!
Sara Suárez, Las Palmas, Spain - 16/06/2012
I really liked the activities organised by Melon District and the swimming pool.
Maarten, The Netherlands - 22/12/2009
Very friendly people, residents and staff. 
María, Girona, Spain - 23/12/2009
I liked the layout of the flat, with a Cooking Lounge between several people. 
Orde, Macedonia - 30/01/2010
What I most liked about Melon District was the modern look of the facilities. 
Oren, USA - 01/02/2010
At Melon District you will have the time of your life.
Sumit, Spain - 01/03/2010
I liked sharing a kitchen with everyone and being able to socialise instead of being in your room all the time. 
Mauricio, Mexico - 30/03/2010
The girls at reception at Melon District were very friendly. 
Antoine, France - 01/04/2010
The fact that you have 10 people in each flat means you can really get to know them. 
Kristin, USA - 24/04/2010
The best things were the pool and the roof terrace. The cleanliness and the modernity of the rooms and, of course, the people. 
Jenna, USA - 29/04/2010
What I liked about Melon is having your own queen-size bed. 
Lise, France - 30/04/2010
The mix of cultures and relationship with other people makes it an unforgettable experience. 
Bethaney, USA - 30/04/2010
I felt safe at Melon District, the security is very good.
Aliki, USA - 30/04/2010
I liked having my own room and bathroom.
Carly, USA - 01/05/2010
I like that everyone at Melon District has their own bathroom.
Nora, Norway - 31/05/2010
I liked the pool, the feeling of security and the receptionists, who were amazing. 
Carmen, Asturias, Spain - 20/06/2010
What I most liked about Melon was the proximity to my university, ESMUC.
Marta, Mallorca, Spain - 22/06/2010
I liked the location because it was close to my university and in a nice area. 
Marga, Balearic Islands, Spain - 22/06/2010
In my opinion Melon District can be summed up in one word: wonderful.

Conocí a personas estupendas de distintos países que nunca olvidaré y que espero volver a ver. Es un lugar perfecto para encontrarse con muchas culturas diferentes que se unen bajo un mismo edificio.

Jenny, Switzerland - 28/06/2010
Easy to meet other people, great location. 
Raquel, Girona, Spain - 28/06/2010
I liked the university feel there was at Melon District.
Diego, El Salvador - 29/06/2010
What I most appreciated was having my own space.
María, Alicante, Spain - 30/06/2010
The best thing about living at Melon District are the friendships I’m coming away with. 
Maite, Alava, Spain - 30/06/2010
I’ll always remember the experiences I had with the other residents. 
Victor, Madrid, Spain - 30/06/2010
The best thing for me were the people I met here and the events they organised for us.
Denisse, Mexico - 30/06/2010
I liked Melon District because you live alongside people from other parts of the world. 
Celia, Guatemala - 30/06/2010
What I liked best about Melon District was the chance to live with people from other countries.
Sandra, Girona, Spain - 30/06/2010
What I most liked about Melon District was the atmosphere among the residents, as well as the facilities.
Elai, Guipuzkoa, Spain - 30/06/2010
The best thing were the other residents I met this year.
Victoria, UK - 30/06/2010
The comfort of living in a safe and modern environment in the city.
Rocío, Seville, Spain - 16/07/2010
What I most liked were the friendships I made and the facilities.
Rebeca, Cordoba, Spain - 21/07/2010
I like it because you meet people and the facilities are new.
María, Seville, Spain - 01/08/2010
You meet amazing people and make great friends.
Izzet, Turkey - 01/09/2010
My best days in Barcelona were with Melon District. Gracias!
Cameron, USA - 18/12/2010
What I most liked were the relaxation lounge, the cleaning service and above all the people I lived with.
Brian, USA - 21/12/2010
The atmosphere. The friendly staff.
Marleen, The Netherlands - 22/12/2010
It’s private when you want it, and if you want to socialise you can go to the common area
Daniel, USA - 23/12/2010
What I liked the most were the activities and the pool area. Awesome way to meet people!
Valeria, Italy - 23/12/2010
Melon District really is the place to live.
Eric, Germany - 14/01/2011
I liked how international the residents were.
Megan, USA - 20/01/2011
You know what you’re getting, no bad surprises. Friendly reception staff.
Phillip, Germany - 20/01/2011
I liked my floormates and everyone who went to the events.
Amalia, Cyprus - 27/01/2011
I liked the friendliness of the people who work here.
Angela, Colombia - 31/01/2011
It’s a place where you can meet people from different places, you’ll never feel lonely and you can make the most of the events they organise. 
Nicholas, USA - 07/02/2011
I loved Melon District! The staff was very accommodating and friendly.
Carolina, Colombia - 32/02/2011
I really liked the rooms and the pools. It’s a great residence, it’s very safe and comfortable.
Sarah, USA - 14/04/2011
I loved the security and the cleanliness.
Ingeborg, USA - 15/04/2011
I liked the activities, the staff at reception was very friendly and there was an excellent atmosphere. 
Kenzie, USA - 23/04/2011
A great combination: security, cleanliness and friendly.
Vincent, USA - 30/04/2011
Melon District was an amazing place to live.
Christie, USA - 06/05/2011
Loved having my own room + bathroom. The shower and water were amazing and the beds really comfortable
Matteo, Italy - 11/06/2011
A really special place. I will always come back whenever I’m in Barcelona
Aitana, Huesca, Spain - 16/06/2011
What I most liked was the pool and the Cooking Lounge. Don’t miss out on a Melon District adventure!
Carlos, Lugo, Spain - 19/06/2011
At Melon District I met great people and my stay was awesome. 
Amparo, Mexico - 27/06/2011
Above all I want to thank you for everything, the way I was treated was great throughout my stay, I was really happy and really at home.

Además de que he estado muy contenta y muy a gusto con ustedes.

Helena, Madrid, Spain - 28/06/2011
The best thing was the proximity to where I was studying. Being at this residence helped me to find another family in this city
Ferran, Barcelona, Spain - 29/06/2011
I liked the proximity to the UPF and the experience of the last year
Jordi, Barcelona, Spain - 29/06/2011
I liked the people, the pool, the atmosphere and areas like the Meeting Lounge.
David, Tarragona, Spain - 30/06/2011
We had a great time this second semester, with the new students. 
Lina, Lebanon - 30/06/2011
My room and the patio were very comfortable. 
Irene, Tarragona, Spain - 30/06/2011
The best things were the location of the residence and the safety.
Joseph, USA - 30/06/2011
Great amenities with an awesome group of students!
David, USA - 30/06/2011
Cool, clean and a great place to stay.
Amanda, Alicante, Spain - 01/07/2011
I liked getting to make loads of friends to enjoy the year with. 
Luis Fernando, Canary Islands, Spain - 01/07/2011
The two things I liked most were the location and the discounts we had.
Natalia, Alicante, Spain - 01/07/2011
The design and the atmosphere are the best things about Melon District. 
María Victoria, Jaén, Spain - 01/07/2011
The best thing were the friends I made and the pool
Miguel Eduardo, Mexico - 20/07/2011
I really liked the design, the comfort and the safety.
Alex, USA - 17/12/2011
Very nice front desk staff, really helpful. Good atmosphere for students.
Mark, USA - 17/12/2011
Melon District was very good to me and there was great communication.
Danielle, USA - 18/12/2011
Melon District offers nice, clean facilities and a great location. I’m really going to miss this place.
David, Spain - 23/12/2011
I liked the atmosphere among the residents.
Bianca, USA - 24/12/2011
I enjoyed meeting new people.
Daniel, USA - 26/12/2011
It was a tremendous experience, I’d do it again all over.
Claudia, USA - 30/12/2011
Everything was great, their staff are the best.
Julia Hidalgo, Spain - 26/01/2012
What I most liked was the comfort of the room and the independence.
Martín Arango, Colombia - 30/01/2012
Melon District is an excellent choice for exchange students.
Lia Mills-Denti, California - 19/03/2012
I have made a lot of friends here.
Rachel James, USA - 19/03/2012
All the staff is very friendly.
Kailee Brown, USA - 21/03/2012
The friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness are what I liked most.
Brittany Coyle, USA - 21/03/2012
I liked that there were extra activities.
Allison Slatkin, USA - 26/03/2012
Cleanliness, friendliness, attentive, accommodating, loved it!
Yasmin Rajabi, USA - 27/03/2012
The safety, privacy and cleanliness are what I most liked about Melon District.
Steven Bishop, USA - 27/03/2012
I loved my single room and the rooftop pool.
Colin Dear, USA - 28/03/2012
The best thing is the proximity to the beach and Razzmatazz.
Jaryd Lindheim, Ohio, USA - 28/03/2012
The front desk staff were very friendly and helpful, and there’s a great atmosphere for students
Alexandra Hyman, USA - 28/03/2012
The staff at the residence were very friendly and always available to answer any questions.
John Allen, USA - 09/04/2012
The three things I liked the most were the cleanliness, the comfort and the great rooms.
Dave Greek, USA - 16/04/2012
Clean, modern and friendly: Melon District is definitely a great place to live, I have no doubts now.
Julia Reilly, USA - 17/04/2012
I liked the extra activities.
Alissa Hackman, New Jersey, USA - 25/04/2012
The beds are very comfortable and the staff was always really friendly.
Jon Vicuña, Vizcaya, Spain - 04/05/2012
At Melon District I got the chance to meet people from all over the world.
Julen Muruamendiaraz, Basque Country, Spain - 08/06/2012
The room, the swimming pool and the service from the staff are the best things about living at Melon District.
Ana Atwood, Zaragoza, Spain - 14/06/2012
People were really friendly at the residence and I met a lot of people.
Kirsten Wellna, USA - 15/06/2012
I met a lot of people here.
Nil Sancho, Girona, Spain - 16/06/2012
Without a doubt the best thing is the atmosphere.
Luis Otero, Alicante, Spain - 28/06/2012
Very comfortable and convenient place to live.
Maria Triadó, Girona, Spain - 28/06/2012
The common areas and living together with other people were the best thing about the residence.
Claudia Cardona, Ibiza, Spain - 30/06/2012
For me the best thing was the friendliness and the family atmosphere. 
Balazs, The Netherlands - 22/12/2009
What I liked the most about the residence was sharing the kitchen with other students.
Maria, USA - 18/12/2009
What I most appreciated was living with other students and the diverse experiences. It’s a great place to spend a few months.
Mitch, USA - 17/12/2009
What I most enjoyed during my time at Melon District was the trip to Figueres and Girona.
Danielle, USA - 18/12/2011
Melon District offers nice, clean facilities and a great location. I’m really going to miss this place.