Formerly known as Melon District
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TSH Campus Poble Sec

What our students say

The TSH Campus Poble Sec residents tell us about what they most liked about their stay with us and why they'd recommend this residence to new students coming to Barcelona. Read all of their reviews or, if you're one of our ex-residents and you haven't left us a comment yet, do so now.


Beatriz Canosa, Spain -
Melon District offers you the experience to meet people from many countries and sharing every day with more people who soon become your friends. It has a very convenient location as well and very good connected to go to the University, or downtown.
Lina Wurdack, Germany -
All the time I felt safe and i liked talking with the nice staff.
Samia Chater, France -
The organized activities such as cooking workshops + great kindness!
Ammar Mufh, -
It is a very nice experience everything is new and clean and everybody is friendly
Charlotte Bande, France -
I liked the maintenance service whenever I needed it and I liked meeting people.
Elisabeth Kjelmann, Denmark -
The people I live with here are from all around the world and we feel like one big family, always have each other to hang out with. I’ve both felt safe and happy staying here and I honestly don’t want to leave.
David Ruhfel, Rhode Island, USA - 19/12/2012
Melon Distrct Poble Sec is very accesible to everything you would ever need in Barcelona. The staff is extremely nice and the rooms have everything you would ever need. I loved Melon!
Wisnu Wardhana, Indonesia - 17/12/2012
Awesome! Is a good place to stay for students in Barcelona.
Alex Page, Australia - 29/02/2012
Melon District is a community of amazing people. I loved living and hanging out with the people here.
Akeem, USA - 24/12/2011
Everything was very good at Melon District.
Shahria, USA - 17/12/2011
The experience of living independently. Your staff helped me feel at home.
Victor, Mexico - 28/10/2011
The best place to live comfortably and functionally.
Nienke, The Netherlands - 30/06/2011
I liked the location, the friendliness of the reception staff and the food areas. 
Enrico, Italy - 21/12/2007
The best way to meet people from all over the world in the heart of Barcelona. 
Marie-Cécile, France - 23/12/2007
A youthful, well-maintained, well-located place, good atmosphere, with a great cultural diversity. 
Elizabeth, USA - 26/12/2007
Nice place to live if you want to meet other students like you.
Kellen, USA - 27/04/2008
A good place to stay - relaxing.
Daniel, USA - 27/04/2008
A nice place to live.
Robb, USA - 28/04/2008
My home in the best city in Europe. 
Jeffrey, USA - 03/05/2008
Super friendly atmosphere and the service was beyond my expectations. The staff are friendly and helpful with pretty much anything you need.

El sitio está ubicado en el corazón de la ciudad de Barcelona, lo que significa que puedes ir andando fácilmente a la mayoría de bares y restaurantes. Además, está extremadamente próximo a la estación de metro, así que es sencillo moverse por la ciudad. ¡Adoro Melon District!

Sarah, USA - 04/05/2008
It was wonderful!
Amhad, Kuwait - 14/05/2008
I really enjoyed staying at Melon. Thanks a lot!
Sofía, Mexico - 30/05/2008
I spent 3 months living at Melon District, all the facilities are perfect...

y el personal de recepción siempre con un excelente trato, lo cual a veces no se ve en otros sitios.

Mariasol, Colombia - 30/06/2008
It’s different to all other residences, you feel at home and the experience of mixing with people from all over the world is amazing. 
Aritz, Spain - 31/07/2008
My personal experience with the rest of the residents was excellent.

La piscina con terraza está muy bien. Las recepcionistas, muy buen trato. La calidad de infraestructuras e internet debe mejorar en relación al precio global.

Peter, USA - 01/04/2009
Melon District is a place to live and live it up!
Justin, USA - 29/04/2009
Great times.
John, USA - 29/04/2009
Melon District surpassed my initial expectations greatly. It’s in the heart of Poble Sec...

 y no hubiese cambiado jamás mi decisión de quedarme aquí. 

Claire, USA - 30/04/2009
It was amazing!
Anne, USA - 30/04/2009
I made a lot of great friends here that I know I will see again.
Kenneth, USA - 30/04/2009
A modern style and complete amenity housing option. 
Evan, USA - 30/04/2009
Melon District is a great place to party!
Ana, Mexico - 01/05/2009
I loved living at Melon District and the chance to meet people from all over the world!
Laura, Spain - 19/06/2009
Living with people from other countries is great, you learn loads. 
Fernando, Mexico - 30/06/2009
Poble Sec has an excellent location and friendly service. 
Jorge, Mexico - 30/06/2009
A complete experience. 
Claudia, Mexico - 08/07/2009
Living at Melon District is like living in an apartment but with total privacy...

ya que cuentas con espacio propio (cuarto + baño) y a la vez tienes la oportunidad de convivir con otras personas en el Lounge y áreas comunes. Conoces gente de todo el mundo.

Tifanny, Barbados - 31/07/2009
Melon District is a great place to come and make friends!
Lina, Spain - 31/07/2009
The best atmosphere and student experience!
Kevin, USA - 15/12/2009
I liked the fact that a lot of stuff was included in the price and the comprehensive information they gave me at reception. 
Zoia, Bulgaria - 21/12/2009
What I liked about the residence is that EVERYTHING is close to Poble Sec.
Giuliana, Argentina - 01/04/2010
What I most appreciated was the friendliness of the reception staff. 
Nick, USA - 24/04/2010
I liked the cleanliness and the activities planned. 
Randi, USA - 24/04/2010
I loved the great location and the helpful receptionists. 
Denitza, USA - 01/05/2011
What made Melon District special were my floormates.
Olivia, Austria - 14/05/2010
Melon District Poble Sec has convenient connections to other parts of the city. 
Daniel, Colombia - 27/05/2010
Melon District is a great place to arrive at if you’re new in Barcelona. 
Yeppii, USA - 05/06/2010
The residence has a very convenient location and offers personal space. 
Ari, USA - 15/06/2011
The receptionists are great and the bed is really comfortable. 
Lisa, The Netherlands - 16/06/2010
What I liked about Poble Sec was the location, the security and the cleanliness. 
Redouan, The Netherlands - 25/06/2010
Melon District is a place to live! Definitely! 
Erin, USA - 16/11/2010
I liked that the reception was open 24 hours. 
Elizabeth, USA - 11/12/2010
I liked the friendliness of the staff and the facilities.
Iris, Belgium - 14/12/2010
I liked the fact that it was near everything and there was a laundry room. 
Phanphop, Thailand - 31/03/2011
It’s definitely a great place to live!
Allison, USA - 18/04/2011
People were friendly and the location is great.
Bryant, USA - 30/04/2011
It really felt like a home away from home!

El personal era amable, las instalaciones eran impresionantes y la ubicación era excelente. Al final me encantó mi estancia en Melon District.

Diane, USA - 30/04/2011
Best summer abroad experience! I would recommend it to everyone! Barcelona + Melon District were the best months of my life. 
Caitlyn, USA - 07/05/2011
Safe, organised, clean, individual rooms, the front desk. It was all great! Great place to live. It made my experience. 
Nicolás, Colombia - 31/05/2011
I liked the comfort and the cleanliness. It is the best place for a student in Barcelona.
Hector, USA - 11/06/2011
What I liked most were the people, the overall friendliness.
Désirée, Balearic Islands, Spain - 14/06/2011
I liked the area in which the residence is located, and the residence in general. Make the most of your Melon experience!
Kristen, USA - 30/04/2011
It was great meeting new people, friendly atmosphere. 
Amalia La Roche, New Jersey, USA - 21/03/2012
Overall very good experience at the residence.
Nicole Jacobs, Austria - 29/04/2012
People here are very nice and warm.