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Frequently asked questions
  • - Are meals included?

    • TSH Campus Marina: Meals aren’t included in the price, but you can request half board, with meals served at the residence’s Cafe.


    • TSH Campus Poble Sec meals are not available.

  • - Can I cancel my booking?

    • If you cancel at least 2 months before the contract start date, the first month of rent and the security deposit will be refunded, but not the registration fee.
    • If you cancel less than 2 months before the contract start date, the security deposit will be refunded, but not the first month of rent or the registration fee.
    • Once the accommodation contract has begun, residents who cancel it either voluntarily or involuntarily - including being expelled - before the end date will not receive a refund of any kind.

  • - How are roommates assigned in twin rooms?

    • If you book a twin room and want to share it with a friend, notify the reservations department. Both you and your friend must be staying for the same length of time: i.e. checking in and out in the same month.
    • If you reserve a place in a twin room and you don’t ask to share it with a friend, TSH Campus will assign you a roommate of the same sex. As far as possible, TSH Campus will try to assign you a roommate around your age, who speaks the same languages and/or who studies the same subject as you or at the same university.

  • - What is the smoking policy?

    TSH Campus residences are smoke-free, smoking is forbidden in all rooms and kitchens.
    At TSH Campus Marina there are designated smoking areas in the exterior patios between the buildings and on the terraces.

  • - Under-18s

    In the case of students who are under 18 on the start date of their contract (the 1st of the month they check in), their parents will have to sign a specific contract under which they assume responsibility for their children’s welfare at the residence.

  • - What are the superior studios at Marina like?

    They are studios designed for couples or residents who want extra space and privacy.
    The price is the same regardless of whether they are occupied by one or two people.
    If occupied by 1 person, there is no extra charge for guests, although you do have to register them.
    These rooms are ideal for teachers or researchers who are staying in Barcelona for 2 or 3 months and are visited by their partner on weekends.
    Studios at Marina always include weekly cleaning of the room, as well as the changing of towels and sheets.

  • - What about the duplexes at Marina?

    These are rooms set over two levels, with the bed and bathroom downstairs and the study area upstairs on a mezzanine.
    They are ideal rooms for students who need a bigger desk area, including architects and designers.
    Note: the staircase up to the mezzanine is very steep.

  • - Who are the Resident Assistants?

    In September 2011, the residences introduced the figure of the Resident Assistant. There are 2 in Poble Sec and 8 in Marina.
    This figure works to boost communication between the residents and the management, so as to improve day-to-day life at the residence. As a reward for their work, assistants get a big discount on their rent.

    The operations department is in charge of recruiting and selecting Resident Assistants according to specific criteria.

  • - What type of people normally rent rooms with you? (age, nationality...)

    Broadly speaking, students living at the TSH Campus residences are aged between 18 and 25, as they often come to study degrees or Masters courses at one of Barcelona’s universities.
    We have had students from up to 50 different countries. At TSH Campus Spaniards from all over the country have lived side-by-side with French, German, Russian, American, Colombian, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian students, among others.

  • - I don’t start classes until the 20th: can I pay for only half of the first month?

    TSH Campus doesn’t prorate rent depending on residents’ check-in or check-out dates. All contracts begin on the 1st day of the month you check in and end on the 30th or 31st of the month you leave.

  • - Are kitchen utensils provided, or do I need to bring my own? And are towels and sheets in rooms included?

    Our Cooking Lounges already come with pots, pans and other kitchenware, which are shared between the students. As for things that aren’t included, we have a kitchen pack for sale at residences, so you don’t have to weigh down your luggage with stuff from home. We also offer bed and bathroom packs.
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  • - Is there free internet access?

    Both residences have wired internet in rooms and Wi-Fi in the common areas. This service is included in the monthly room rate.

  • - Are there laundry facilities?

    Both residences have self-service laundry rooms with large-capacity washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as detergent and fabric softener dispensers. These machines work with rechargeable prepaid cards.

  • - What’s the deal with guests? Are they allowed? Do they have to pay extra?

    Residents can receive guests during the day within the timetables established by TSH Campus. Guests will have to check in and out at reception on arrival and departure.
    Residents can also receive for free a guest to stay in their room for up to 4 nights per month . These invitations are non-transferrable, and once you’ve used them up, guests will be required to pay for their stay (maximum a total of 7 days per month).

  • - What is the deposit? Is it refunded? When?

    The deposit is equivalent to 1,000€ or 1,500€ (for the studios) and covers possible damage to rooms, common areas or cancellations before the end of the contract.
    It is paid at the moment of the reservation of the room, among with the registration fee, first month’s rent and the check out cleaning fee. 

    Deposits are refunded by bank transfer one month after your contract ends. Contracts always end on the 30th or 31st of the month you leave.