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Life at Melon

Resident assistants

At Melon District we introduced the Resident Assistants position, residents appointed to help boost the communication between their fellow students and residents and the residence's management team. Here you can find out a little more about each of them, so you know who to speak to if you have any issues during your stay at the residence.


Elisa Savasta
Elisa Savasta26 years old, from Cagliari, Italy Studying Odontology in the UB

I am committed, responsible, organized, persuasive, and I know how to listen to people and put myself in their shoes to understand their problem better.

During my stay at the residence, I had the pleasure of making friends with students on my floor and those on other floors. This gave me the chance to meet people from other countries and learn about their cultures, language, food and other things that have allowed me to grow on a personal level.

When I arrived in Barcelona and at Melon District, my Resident Assistant helped me resolve a lot of problems by showing me the services closest to the residence and also helped me with the various problems I encountered when I opened my Spanish bank account. In that vein, I would like to bring my personal experiences and my skills to the table and my ability to work as a team to help new students.

My hobbies are music, travelling, cooking, skiing, and generally any kind of sport but especially volleyball.

If you live in any of the following rooms:  Melon Flat G0, G1, F1, F2 y F3, feel free to contact me.

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Juan Pedro Marí
Juan Pedro Marí Colomar19 years old, from Ibiza Studying Philosophy at UB

I consider myself a very outgoing person, good social skills, patient, all of which will help maintain constant communication among residents. Putting the group before the individual and seeing that other people are enjoying activities that I have helped plan fulfills me.

More than 8 months of living in the residence have allowed me to observe the responsibility that comes with being a Resident Assistant.

Honestly, I would love to do anything I can to help residents have the best stay possible. I have contact with people in both my work experience and my academic studies which makes interpersonal skills easy for me.

I believe that every student should have the certainty that their needs will be met and that is why the figure of a Resident Assistant is essential. Someone you trust enough to go when you have any kind of questions or problems, and that you know that you can count on.

My hobbies are: the philosophy, learning new things, travelling and playing sports.

If you live in any of the following rooms: Melon Flat E0, E1, D1, D3, D4, E5 feel free to contact me.

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Natalia Llull
Natalia Llull20 years old, from Mallorca, Balearic Islands Studying Business Science and Management in the UPF

I would consider myself as outgoing, friendly, attentive, sociable and responsible.

This is my third year living at Melon District Marina, so I think I could bring my experience to other residents since I am also one of them and I would like to help them with what I can, especially since the majority of them feel like I did the first couple of days. I am a very open person, so I wouldn’t have any trouble talking to residents and helping them with anything they may need.

My hobbies are swimming and music.

If you live in any of the following rooms: Melon Flat E2, E3, E4, and E5 feel free to contact me.

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Alazne Lete
Alazne Lete19 years old, from Mondragón, Guipúzcoa Studying Law and Economy at UPF

I am a very sociable person. I love meeting new people and listening to them. One of the things that makes MelonDistrict seem like home is having a good environment where finding a time to study, relax, or have fun is easy.

The shared cooking lounges, the activities organized, and above all the Resident Assistants are the reason for this, since they are the ones who make sure no one is excluded and all students find their niche. I think they even serve as a sort of “older brother or sister”; they give advice, help, and intervene so that the organization in the common areas is as comfortable as possible for all residents. 

I think that my experiences abroad are useful in being able to carry out my tasks as Resident Assistant since I have participated in International Exchange programs in the UK, USA and New Zealand and I completely understand what it is to experience culture shock in a new country, with a different language and education system.

Two of my hobbies are the dancing and playing the fiddle.

If you live in any of the following rooms Melon Flats D2, D5, D6, D7 and G2 feel free to contact me.

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Mar Estarellas
Mar Estarellas19 years old, from Mallorca, Balearic Islands Studying Biochemical Engineering at UPF

I am excited to be able to offer my help and my experiences to the new residents at Melon District Marina.

I have good communication skills and I like to help people as much as I can.

I liked the idea of the Resident Assistant immediately. To be able to have someone to help you adjust and understand the residence, as well as taking care of your well-being was very comforting. All of us that are living here have made a big step in our lives: we’ve moved to a new city, we are meeting new people, living someone new, and we have a long list of things to discover. Sometimes this is a huge step for some, and in my experience, it’s a good idea to have someone that can help and lend support like a Resident Assistant does.

Besides Spanish and Catalán, I speak English, German, Swedish and Chinese: I am very happy to be able to speak these languages and be able to speak to a great number of people in their own language.

My hobbies are: playing piano, ballet, wind tsun and windsurf.

If you live in the MelonFlat C0, C1, C2, C3 and C4, feel free to contact me.

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Julia Cueto
Julia Cueto20 years old, from Zaragoza Studying International Business Economics at UPF

I consider myself a doer, with a lot of ideas; some are good and others not so much, but I have a lot to offer and my drive to improve my surroundings is constant.

I can see how residents react with certain activities and ideas in Melon, so it’s easy for me to give feedback regarding the residence’s events and services.

Last year I lived in the USA, which has helped me relate to different cultures.

My main hobbies are theatre, basketball, dance, skiing, and hiking. 

If you live in any of the following rooms: Melon Flat  B1, B2, B3 and B4, feel free to contact me.

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Seny Torrealba
Seny Torrealba24 years old, from Venezuela Studies an MBA in Tourism at ESERP

My experience at Melon District Marina has been very rewarding. It’s given me the chance to live in a space where I can study very comfortably, in part because the rooms are very well lit.

I like the diversity of cultures at the residence, as it gives me the opportunity to discover new things and make friends from different parts of the world, with whom I can enjoy exploring the city.

In my capacity as a Resident Assistant, I will offer commitment, initiative, good communication and teamwork with the rest of the RAs, so as to meet, connect with and help all of the residents assigned to me.

My hobbies include yoga.

If you live in one of the following rooms: MelonFlat F4, F5, F6, G3 or Studios from A411 to A417, and from A511 to A513, and studio A614 feel free to contact me.

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Yaiza Almendros
Yaiza Almendros19 years old, from Alcoy Studying Business Management at UPF

I think my personality and positive attitude can make other residents feel at home and allow them to come to me for assistance if they need it.

Melon District Marina is my new home, and from the first day it actually felt like home. As soon as I arrived and my parents had left, I knocked on the doors of everyone on my floor to meet my new roommates, who are now much more than that, they are friends for life.

Drawing from my experience of having lived here for a year, I think I will be a great asset in helping the rest of the residents adapt and have them feel as at home as I do. For example, my knowledge of other languages, like Catalan, Spanish and English will be very useful in communicating with new residents, as well as my open and outgoing personality.

My hobbies include sports in general, reading, listening to music and meeting new people.

If you live in one of the following MelonFlat B5, B6, B7 and C5 feel free to contact me.

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Emilie Leprevost
Emilie Leprevost20 years old, from Montivilliers, France Studying at Sciences Po Toulouse

I am an outgoing person, willing to live new experiences, and I’m always eager to meet people and different places in Barcelona.

I live in this residence so I care about the welfare of all, I think it is very important to help others and understand their needs to create a good atmosphere among the residents as we live all togheter.

Thanks to my different experiences I can communicate easily with others, and I can understand the different points of view and try to strengthen the relationship between all. I can transmit all the needs and concerns of both parts: the direction and the residents.

My hobbies are literature, theater, cinema, music and art in general.

If you live at Melon District Poble Sec, please feel free to contact me!

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