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Event calendar
07 February
Bizbarcelona 2015
Bizbarcelona 2015 1 & 2 July

Bizbarcelona 2015 is an exposition that joins different business propositions for the creation, growth, and internationalization of companies. In short, Bizbarcelona is perfect for networking, where you can get the information and advice to help put you on the path to career success.

The event is from June 1st – 2nd at the Montjuic Fira exposition center.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to create your own company or would like to see the one you already own grow, don’t miss this fair. And for your accommodation in Barcelona, we recommend you take a look at Melon District Poble Sec. We have affordable rooms that are only 15 minutes on foot from the Fira exhibition center in Montjuic.

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Barcelona Manga Fair 2015
Barcelona Manga Fair 2015 October 29 - November 01

From October 29 to November 1st, the Barcelona Manga Fair will take place at the Montjuic Fira.

If you love manga or you are simply visiting Barcelona, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of interesting expositions, as well as plenty of cultural and fun activites.

If you are in need of a hotel or hostel for FICOMIC, we suggest you book a room at Melon District Poble Sec. Our rooms are a good value for the price and we are also only a 15 minute walk from the exhibition center, the Fira of Barcelona.

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3GSM Mobile World Congress 2016
3GSM Mobile World Congress 2016 2- 5 March, 2015

The Mobile World Congress (GSMA) is the largest mobile industry fair in the world, drawing thousands of people from more than 200 countries for a showcase of the latest technology and trends for mobile devices.

It also has a conference side to it, with lectures given by some of the leading figures from the mobile industry, including representatives from mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology suppliers, vendors and content owners from all over the globe.

In 2016, Barcelona will be the official home for the 5th time, and it will be until 2018.

The Mobile World Congress 2016 will take place at the exhibition center Fira de Barcelona.

Book your accommodation in advance, before all the hotels and hostels are full. We suggest you pick Melon District Poble Sec, because we’re just 15 minutes from the Fira de Barcelona site at Plaza España.

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Education Show and Masters and Postgraduate Course Exhibition
Education Show and Masters and Postgraduate Course Exhibition 9 - 13 March, 2016

These two shows take place once a year at the Fira - Montjuïc exhibition centre in Barcelona. They are a forum for everything and everyone related to the world of education (public and private universities, further and continuing education institutions, foundations, financial organisations, etc.), including anyone interested in continuing their studies, whether through university, a language course or any other type of further education.

At the fairs you can also find out about accommodation at the best student residences in Barcelona. That’s why Melon District takes part in the show with an information stand aimed at all students interested in coming to live and study in Barcelona.

Generally the event is held in March and takes place over five days, this year from 9-13 March, and during these days the students can arrange appointments with colleges and universities to personally discuss their options. Alternatively, you can simply attend the show and explore the stands that most interest you or suit your needs.

If you’re coming with your parents to the show in Barcelona and need accommodation, check out Melon District - as well as offering rooms for overnight stays, we are a student residence, so you can get an idea of what it’ll be like to live here when you start university.

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eShow- Barcelona 2016
eShow- Barcelona 2016 12 & 13 March

The eShow is an annual fair in Barcelona that deals with Ecommerce, Marketing Online, Hosting & Cloud Computing, Social Media, and Mobile & Digital Signage.

This year on March 25 & 26, service providers and technological leaders in the sector will be in the same room. There will be a great number of conferences regarding the latest technological, marketing, and ebusiness trends in general.

If you are coming to Barcelona to attend eShow 2016 and you’re still looking for accommodation, the Melon District Poble Sec residence is a good alternative to a hotel or a hostel in Barcelona: we have rooms per night at a very competitive price.

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Catalonia International Tourism Show 2016
Catalonia International Tourism Show 2016 15 - 17 April, 2016

The Catalonia International Tourism Show (SITC) is an annual event held over a three-day period in April at the Fira de Barcelona site.

This show brings together professionals from the tourism sector and members of the public who love travel.

Some of the travel products on display include adventure trips, sustainable tourism, sports tourism, camping, cruises, etc., as well as offers from accommodation, transport and tourism services companies.

Visitors to the fair can also take part in numerous fun activities including: food tasting sessions, workshops and travel prize draws, among others.

If you’re planning to attend from outside Barcelona and are on the hunt for a hotel or hostel to stay at during the show, we invite you to book a room at Melon District Poble Sec, which is just 15 minutes from the Fira de Barcelona site in Plaza España.

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Sant Jordi (St George’s Day)
Sant Jordi (St George’s Day) 23/04/2016

St George’s Day (Sant Jordi) is another highly special occasion in Barcelona, as Saint George is the patron saint of the city. The Catalans observe a long-standing tradition as part of the celebrations: the men give the women a rose, who give the men a book in return.

Legend holds that Saint George slew a dragon that was terrorising the local people and liberated an imprisoned princess. A rose bush formed from the dragon’s spilt blood and Saint George plucked the prettiest rose to give to his beloved, the princess. As a tribute to this legend, on this day men once again become knights in shining armour and furnish their princesses, the woman they love, with a rose.

The tradition of giving a book to men is much more recent. This ritual commemorates the fact that some of the world’s great writers were born and/or died on this date, including Cervantes and Shakespeare. For this reason in 1995 UNESCO declared 23 April World Book Day.

This celebration is roughly equivalent to Valentine’s Day in other cultures, although with its focus on books, the Catalan version is arguably a more cultural occasion. Strolling through the city’s streets on the day you’ll find them crammed with books and roses, including myriad second-hand book stalls set up on Barcelona’s famous La Rambla. Good cheer reigns throughout the day all over Catalonia, and there can be no better day to go book hunting in the city. 

Come and celebrate this romantic day in Barcelona with your partner and stay at Melon District, where you can enjoy quality accommodation without spending a fortune. We’re an excellent alternative to traditional hostels and hotels.

International Food and Drink Exhibition
International Food and Drink Exhibition From 25 to 28 April, 2016

The International Food and Drink Exhibition, better known as Alimentaria, is one of the most important fairs in the world for the food and drinks industry and has been held every two years in Barcelona since 1976.

It combines a food show with a professional trade fair, making it a perfect venue for industry professionals who want to promote their products or learn about new business models and product innovations.

At the same time as the fair, a host of events are run, including competitions, tasting sessions, research and innovation activities, etc.

Alimentaria receives over 100,000 visitors every year from Spain and abroad, and takes place at the Fira - Montjuïc trade fair venue. It is next scheduled to take place in from April 25th to April 28th of 2016.

During the show it can be tough to find accommodation at hotels and hostels, so we invite you to book accommodation with Melon District. Go for the Poble Sec residence, which is just 15 minutes’ walk from the Fira venue in Plaza España.

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Cosmobelleza International Beauty and Wellness Trade Show 2016
Cosmobelleza International Beauty and Wellness Trade Show 2016 8 - 10 March, 2014

The Cosmobelleza International Beauty and Wellness Trade Show is organised every year by the Grupo Cosmobelleza at the Fira de Barcelona site. Its main mission is to showcase the latest products, services and trends in the wellness and beauty industry, as well as serving as a forum for professionals and exhibitors from the hairdressing, cosmetics and wellness sectors

Internationalisation, training and business are three key ideas to which Grupo Cosmobelleza is committed year after year to stimulate and promote the Spanish beauty market.  

If you’re looking for a room at a hotel or hostel in Barcelona, we suggest you book at Melon District, a new accommodation alternative for short stays.

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Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix
Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix 13, 14 & 15 May, 2016

Every year Catalonia hosts one Formula 1 race a season at the famous Circuit de Catalunya (Montmeló). For three days, from 13 to 15 May 2016, the best drivers and fastest cars in the world go head-to-head as they compete for maximum points in the world championships. The Montmeló track and all of Barcelona buzzes with energy during this Formula 1 race.

Plus, every year during the months of February and March, training sessions are held at the Circuit de Catalunya, with admission at very reasonable prices. This is a great choice for Formula 1 fans looking for a small shot of adrenaline at a more affordable price.

Book a room for these dates in Barcelona. Melon District is a new accommodation alternative to traditional hotels and hostels.

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Primavera Sound
Primavera Sound 28 - 30th May, 2015

Primavera Sound is another of the festivals that is gaining popularity in Barcelona every year. Its first edition was held in 2011 and attracted 8,000 people, while it is estimated that in 2014 crowds of roughly 190,000 attended the event across its different venues.

This music festival combines new independent music and established artists. It covers all sorts of genres and styles, with a focus on pop, rock and electronic music.

Primavera Sound draws together artists and spectators from different generations, who flock to different venues in the city every year; in 2016 will be held from 02 to 04th June.

The festival is celebretade at the Parc del Fòrum, every edition includes several different stages within this site. Other Primavera Sound concerts are held across the centre of Barcelona under the name "Primavera Ciutat". There are also some free gigs thanks to the "Primavera al Parc" initiative.

Just a few metro stops from the Parc del Fòrum you’ll find Melon District Marina. Book a room with us and we guarantee you’ll enjoy a better atmosphere that at a traditional hotel or hostel.

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SIL 2016 - International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition
SIL 2016 - International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition From 7-9 June 2016

The International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition (SIL 2016) is organizing its fifteenth edition from 7th - 9th June at the Montjuic Fira exhibition center.

With the growing need for all companies to open new markets and expand their exports internationally, SIL 2016 is especially significant. The event is also the most important in southern Europe and the Mediterranean area.

If you are in need of a hotel or hostel for SIL 2016, we suggest you book a room at Melon District Poble Sec. Our rooms are a good value for the price and we are also only a 15 minute walk from the exhibition center, the Fira of Barcelona.

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Sónar 16, 17 & 18 june, 2016

Sónar is one of the biggest annual events in Barcelona, taking place over a three-day period in June. Since it was founded in 1994, it has become one of the top electronic music festivals in Europe

Sónar officially describes itself as the Barcelona International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art, and every year it receives more than 80,000 visitors from all over the world.

It is split into Sónar by Day (concerts, showcases, professional area, etc.) and Sónar by Night (where the headline acts perform), with activities taking place in different venues across the city. Depending on the time, they are held at the CCCB and the MACBA (by day) and at the L’Auditori and Fira Gran Via (L’Hospitalet) venues at night.

It offers crowds more than their money’s worth every year, with a superb programme combining the biggest names on the contemporary electronic music scene with an extensive line-up of emerging artists, DJs and musical trendsetters.

If you’re coming to Sónar in Barcelona 2016, we recommend you book accommodation at Melon District for a better atmosphere than a hotel or hostel. We even have swimming pools so that you can cool off during the hot summer days.

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Sant Joan (Midsummer’s Eve)
Sant Joan (Midsummer’s Eve) June 24, 2016

Midsummer’s Eve, known in Barcelona as the Revetlla de Sant Joan ("St. John’s Eve") or nit del foc ("night of "fire") is a festival celebrating the official start of summer. Celebrations around these dates date back to ancient times and are held across Europe, although they are particularly prevalent in Spain, Portugal (Fogueiras de São João), Norway (Jonsok), Denmark (Sankthans), Sweden (Midsommar), Finland (Juhannus) and the UK (Midsummer), with each region having its own traditions.

In Barcelona it is a lively, festive occasion when people have fun out on the streets and stay on the beach until the break of dawn. There is no specific venue where the celebration takes place, although most people head down to the beach, where special bars are set up and the usual chiringuitos (beach bars) crank up the volume of their music. There are also DJ sets and concerts all over the place, bonfires on the beach and fireworks to kick off the night.

Stuff goes on for the festival all over the city, where street parties are held and people throw firecrackers and bangers aplenty.

This is a truly magical experience in Barcelona and, as one of the biggest celebrations of the year, it has the city swinging all night long.

If you’re visiting Barcelona at this time of the year, we invite you to book your accommodation at Melon District, where you’ll get better value for money than at a regular hotel or hostel.

International Motor Show
International Motor Show 11-19 May 2017

The International Motor Show takes place in Barcelona every two years, at the Fira trade fair site in Montjuïc.

It is the only Spanish event of its kind recognised by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), and it showcases a wide range of motor vehicle models from different brands (over 30), as well as the latest developments and trends in the automotive sector.

Its next edition is scheduled for 11-19 May 2017 and will bring together motor vehicle fans ad professionals from all over the world for a look at the latest in the industry. Visitors can also enjoy a number of activities organised during the show, including Formula 1 simulators, areas where you can try out 4x4s, etc.

Just 15 minutes from the Fira de Barcelona site in Plaza España, you can book accommodation at Melon District Poble Sec, which offers better value than a regular hotel or hostel.


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CONSTRUMAT 2017 From 21-24 May, 2017

CONSTRUMAT 2017 is an international construction exhibition and is one of the most important of its kind in Europe and in the world. You’ll find out about all the latest developments in the sector, since the most important companies and professionals in the sector from all over the world are attending.
The fair will be held in Barcelona city, between the 20-25th of May in 2017, at the exhibition center La Fira- Gran Via.

If are looking for a place to stay in Barcelona, Melon District is an inexpensive and convenient option for your trip, and it is also an alternative to a hotel or hostel. Try it, we are sure you won’t regret it!

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